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Upgrade triggers
A freemium monetization case study
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Designing for Impact: The Growth Design Flywheel
Diving into the art and science of designing for impact by harmonizing user experience with business objectives.
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Creating a Growth Vision
A look at 3 case studies for growth visions at Pinterest that delivered between 5-8% increases in sign-ups and engagement metrics.
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Annual vs. Monthly Subscriptions
An overview of the most popular areas of experimentation for growth designers working on subscription products: annual vs. monthly plans.
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Subscription Metrics 101
The four key subscription metrics and how to access them.
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Interactive Demos
How interactive demos can offer a more lightweight, yet more refined preview of your product to prospects.
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A/B Testing Headlines
Creditspring’s website signup conversion rate optimization experiments
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Segmentation Surprises
Slicing and dicing your use base can lead to new insights.
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When to Stop Growing
What happens if you’re a loan company and you stop lending?
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Not Boring In-App Referrals
B2B growth case study on in-app referrals that helped to gain more than 66 million new users.
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Experiment like a Data Scientist
Uncover insights. Drive innovation. Make your data science team proud.
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The Startup Issue
Scott Christensen walks through a framework to help growth designers find the best type of startup.
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The Growth Burnout Series
Leslie Yang, Senior Design Manager at Lyft, presents this three part series on growth and burnout.
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Grow with Less
Daniel Beere from June tells us how product simplicity is the best growth strategy.
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International Growth
Quora’s case study shows us how micro-optimizations can fuel exponential growth.
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