Top Tools for growth designers

Tool recommendations are one of the most requested topics by the community. Here are partnerships we’ve brokered for the tools that enable growth designers to do their best work.


Product and design teams use Candu to create native UI experiences like onboarding checklists, empty states and upgrade banners — all without code.

$1,000 off annual plans

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Acquire website visitors with pre-signup interactive demos that look and feel like your software. Embed on your website and send in email campaigns.

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If you can’t wait for back to school, why not go to the library? We recommend Scrapbook as a database of SaaS growth tactics. Browse and be inspired.

Use promo code GD20 at checkout for 20% off!

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Rethinking your user journeys? Save hours of UI & UX auditing research with Mobbin’s library of 100,000+ fully searchable mobile & web screenshots.

Search Apps, Screens, Flows & UI Elements.

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