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Growth Design School

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Learn to design thoughtful product experiences that drive business value by enrolling in the only live growth design course online.
~ Spring cohort starts February 28th ~

Delivered in partnership with leading growth design tools
Delivered in partnership with leading growth design tools
Why growth design school?

Learn. Apply. Practice.

A comprehensive 5-week course to jumpstart your professional growth design knowledge, and empower you and your team to elevate to the next level of success!

Boost your career

We teach you to master the skills needed for a growth designer, and how to communicate your impact to your team and influence decision making. So you can advance your career.

Grow with the pros

Taught by experienced growth designers who have worked on real projects. You’ll learn from their real-world experience and get insights into the strategies that work best.

Build your network

Leverage your private slack community to stay tight with your cohort in perpetuity. Stay in touch with the best and brightest learners in the field of growth design.

Learn the latest tools

The world of growth is constantly evolving. In each module of our program, we will highlight a tool that’s designed specifically for growth to keep you updated and stay ahead of the curve.

Hands-on learning

Taught by experienced growth designers who have worked on real projects. You’ll learn from their real-world experience and get insights into the strategies that work best.

Partner Discounts

We’ve partnered with Maze, June and leading growth platforms to give you exclusive training and discounts on pro plans for your team so you can execute with the right tooling.

What will I learn?

Curriculum Overview

Growth Design School is a unique blend of fully-remote learning, including 5 hours of video content (asynchronous learning), 5 weeks of virtual classroom lessons (synchronous learning), case studies, customized assignments, collaborative debriefs, and more!

Introduction & Foundations
The Scientific Design Process
Activation & Engagement
Monetization & Expansion
Ethical Design: Keeping Growth Good
Who is it for?

Practicing designers looking to grow

Product designers new to growth
Growth designers looking to advance
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Who is teaching?

Meet the core crew

Learn from expert industry practitioners who are actively practicing what they preach. Along with our core teachers, gain access to a handful of guest speakers from tech's leading growth companies.

Molly Norris Walker
Community Co-Lead
Serial Head of Design. Author of  Design Driven Growth.
Chase Denomme
Community Co-Lead
Head of Product Design @ Disco. Start-to-Scale Design & Growth Coach.
Scott Christensen
Community Co-Lead
Growth Design Lead @ Mercury. 2x Head of Design. Growth Coach.
Ran Liu
Community Co-Lead
Staff Growth Designer @ Shopify. Design advisor. Growth Expert.
When is it?

Key Dates

All in-person classes are 1.5 hrs long on Wednesdays (8:30am PST / 15:30 GMT). We'll send calendar invites to block your calendars ahead of time, so you can get the most of your class.

Oh, and don't worry...if you can't make a session, we'll record it for you.

What's the cost?


Includes an all-access seat to 5-week learning experience that combines on-demand video modules and live talks with a cohort of fellow designers, plus ongoing access to course content, event recordings and discussions.

Signup Deadline: Feb 23rd
Cohort Start Date: Feb 28th

10%+ discount for teams of 2+ people
Access to premium async learning content
Private discussions around topics
Cohort live events and event recordings
Mentorship from growth design experts
Networking with industry practitioners
Certificate of completion
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What will the experience be like?

Hear from past students

Don't take our word for it. Hear from previous students who have taken Growth Design School.

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"I had a remarkable experience taking the Growth Design course. Every session was interactive, and the lessons were extremely applicable to my job. The course helped launch my career into growth in a massive way. If you're a designer interested in having a larger impact at your company, take the course... you won't regret it! ”

Kelly Foran

Founding Designer, Spring Teams

Grow with the pros

Spots for the next cohort are limited. Register now to secure your spot in Growth Design School.

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