February 13, 2024

Interactive Demos

Natalie Marcotullio

Dear Readers,

I’m Natalie the Head of Growth at Navattic, a tool for creating interactive product demos. These demo assets come in the journey for buyers before they sign up for the product. They can be embedded in websites or sent as a direct link in the sales process.

Navattic's interactive product demos replace screenshots or product videos used in top-of-funnel sales and marketing material.

Now that you know a little about what we do, let's focus on examples from other companies on when and where to use demos to achieve your growth goals.

Happy demoing,

Natalie Marcotullio, Navattic’s Head of Growth and Operations

When and where to use a demo

You can insert a demo throughout your user journey to drive product conversion or feature adoption.

1️⃣ Website conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Websites are the most popular place to embed a demo to encourage website visitors to take the next step. Ramp is an expense management and finance platform. A demo allows visitors to simulate the value they’ll get once a user can get through the hefty setup process of FinTech products.

Since using an interactive demo, we’ve seen 15% of leads that we collect on our site.” - Growth Marketing Manager, Ramp
An embedded demo on Ramp’s website helps drive conversion.

2️⃣ Activating free trials

Demos give a shortcut to the all-important Aha Moment to nudge free trials to activate, especially as compared to user education videos. Employee training platform Trainual tested interactive demos against their existing product video and saw 2-4x improvements in metrics for free trial signups, free trial activation and trial-to-paid subscription conversion.

At Trainual, New users are offered a demo or live training even as part of onboarding

3️⃣ Feature highlights or announcements

Interactive demos can highlight specific features for ongoing product marketing or launches. Dooly is a sales automation add-on for Salesforce. Dooly says they struggle to communicate what new features do in a relatively complex ecosystem. They found embedding interactive demos on their website, help section, and launch emails answers those questions immediately.

“Anytime we release a new feature, we make a demo for it. “ - Product Marketing Manager, Dooly
Dooly has a separate demo for each of its main features to drive adoption.

More inspiration needed? Check out our All-Star Interactive Demos Showcase.


As growth designers, we spend the majority of our time on the UI, but we can be forced to settle for blurry screenshots or outdated product videos when showcasing our work in sales and marketing channels. Interactive demos can offer a more lightweight, yet more refined preview of your product to prospects.

About the Author

Natalie Marcotullio is the Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic. Natalie’s first-ever job title was a Growth Hacking Intern. Since then, Natalie has worked in marketing and growth roles at PLG and non-PG SaaS companies for 5+ years. You can reach out to her in the GrowthDesigners.co Slack community.